About the Project

On quiet Charles Street in Parramatta CBD, Anthony saw possibility. In the lobby of a building lay a vacant space with a car park situated behind it, seven stories of commercial tenants above and a sea of potential.

Sotto Café was born. In Italian sotto means ‘under’, alluding to the fact that it was under an office building. The cafe was fitted out with a penchant for blacks and wooden surfaces. Anthony wanted to bring some life to the street with homemade Italian-style cooking. Sourcing authentic Italian produce where possible and making most of the food in-house was a priority at Sotto Café.

Within weeks Sotto created a hype and Parramatta CBD had found their new ‘best coffee’, with lines out of the door for breakfast and lunch. The lunch menu was focused on delicious pastas, meatballs, schnitzel with coleslaw, Italian style steak sandwiches and tiramisu.

Sotto Café offered catering services in and around the Parramatta CBD and built a strong rapport with respected members of the NSW Police Force as the head office was on Charles Street.

Sotto was sold in July 2013.


Parramatta CBD


2012 – 2013