Providing You With a Complete Service

With a rich and extensive track record spanning over two decades within hospitality and retail development, Antari & Co offers a wealth of expertise to venues and precincts actively pursuing service and growth. Beyond this foundational experience, our personal dedication to achieving success in an already competitive scene sets us aside from others. Acknowledging the significance of cultivating a robust online presence and finely honed digital marketing strategies, Antari & Co has strategically forged partnerships with industry professionals: Rosso Digital and Anorak Studio. This collaboration allows us to offer you a comprehensive service from conception to ongoing support and management. This encompasses a range of services from digital marketing campaigns and graphic design to cutting-edge web development and site management.

This collaboration is founded upon firsthand engagement with partners who cater for a spectrum of hospitality and retail needs. We share values where we envision a solution in which experience and drive seamlessly blends with innovation.

Anorak Studio – Graphic Design

Anorak Studio loves creating designs that not only grab attention but also leave a lasting impression.

Whether you’re a start-up in need of a striking logo, a business seeking engaging marketing materials, or an individual looking to bring your personal projects to fruition, Jacqui has got you covered. Her portfolio showcases an array of projects that reflects commitment to excellence and the ability to tailor designs to suit any purpose.

Jacqui loves collaborating with clients and believes that your input combined with her expertise produces compelling results. From concept to final product, she will work closely with you every step of the way and ensure that your vision comes to life.

Rosso Digital – Digital Marketing & Web Design

ROSSO DIGITAL provides small businesses with a smart and largely automated marketing approach. This integrates paid and organic social media channels, newsletters and email database, website, and offline channels to maximise revenue.

Their boutique agency was created out of a love for small businesses and the hospitality industry. Given the plethora of incredible options Australia offers, they found a niche in which many of these businesses struggle to gain visibility. They want small businesses and individual venues to be able to stand out next to the big players and chains.

The team at ROSSO DIGITAL believe that every business, no matter how small, deserves a marketing professional to look after them. They offer as much diligence and passion as a full-time, in-house marketing and web design team.

Their approach is different to many other agencies. Instead of reactively executing tasks, the team works proactively instead and suggest improvements to their clients’ digital marketing and website because they’re truly excited to see small businesses succeed. The team aren’t shy to disagree if it means a business has the chance to improve.

They suggest, push & challenge. They care.